About Van Gogh School Photographers :

A smile is nothing to keep to yourself.

At Van Gogh School Photographers, we help share smiles — among kids, parents, and staff. We are a leader in the school photography business in Colorado. When you need dependable photography services, call on Van Gogh School Photographers to help.

Our service begins well before picture day, as we take steps that ensure a positive and easy experience for everyone. We have professional photographers who not only know how to take outstanding photographs, they also relate easily to kids and keep them smiling. Your images never leave our hands. We have in-house data and printing facilities which means complete control of the finished prints from start to finish.


In house processing and printing lab :

Unlike like many of our competitors, we don’t send our photos to an outside processing or printing company. That means we maintain complete control of the critical processing and printing operations, giving our customers the single-source accountability that ensures every photo we produce consistently meets our high standards.

Our on-site lab features today’s most current processing and printing equipment, operated by trained, full-time professionals who individually proof and correct each photo to eliminate flaws, balance colors correctly, adjust skin tones, and crop images. Even after all that, we print a proof and visually inspect each image before it’s delivered to schools and parents.


Our Photographers :

A great photo comes not just from a happy smiling face in front of the camera, but a trained, seasoned professional behind it.

That’s why our photographers are:

  • Fully trained – All our photographers have graduated with photography and art degrees
  • Experienced – Many of our photographers have been doing this for more than 20 years
  • Full-time employees – Our photographers are motivated only to produce the best photos they can, not to rush through picture day so they can maximize their own profits
  • Great with kids – They’re doing this because they love working with children, and they know how to keep kids comfortable, relaxed, and smiling
  • Safe – We conduct full background checks on all our employees to ensure the safety of the children we photograph and provide parents and schools with the peace of mind they deserve